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50 Shades Of Gray by DragonLoverartis I was looking in my old account's gallery and I can't help myself but laugh that I was actually the one to make Fifty shades of Grey(Gray?) but no fanfiction mixed into it because that's the OC name to it.. XD
Up for Adoption
I had old OCs in my very first account DragonLoverartis 
I fixed their appearances and just randomly gave them interesting cutie mark combination
Mane and tail styles were fun in making
Names was originally Berry Strike and Dagger Blossom yeah it was awkward.
These two are twins but don't look like it.
left: 25:points:
right: 25:points:

base by MPLbasemaker33 
Cobalt and Brisk
I already explained about Cobalt in Family of Oddities but I didn't explain about Brisk, the second half Cobalt's body.
For those who don't want to use link to read Cobalt's backstory (down below)
Cobalt Blue "Coby" escaped SCHOOL, not the fundamental learning math or reading. This place gathers numerous abandoned or given up children for experiments. Cobalt was tested a dozen time, their project was to make him immortal by simply cutting off his head. So on, he was tortured into several ways to get himself in that situation and he has achieved it alone. Thus he just simply dashed out of their maximum security and ran far from their allied Diamond hounds. Those dogs are still on the lookout of him since they have priced his head with a mountain full of gems. While Cobalt was into hiding, he had found a lone odd zebra with two strange ponies that lived with her in a house that sat apart from cities and villages and also on the edge of the EverFree forest. Cobalt planned on staying with them and leave after couple days when the search had ended. But he opted out on leaving and stayed as a family with the zebra.
Brisk is not the pony to expect because he's headless but has very peculiar way of speaking. billy2345 and I gotten real close of what Brisk can do when he's alone with a girl. mattanimaniac and I also discovered that he can very much be a scary guy like Slenderman though headless. Brisk has a special crystal heart that keeps him alive, and also has a voice transmitter to what Brisk supposedly speaks up however when he's angry, its hard to avoid his tendrils that seeps out of his neck. His tendrils are his touch and taste. He cannot hear through them but if Cobalt's head is in the room, he will even if he try to kill his own head.
Side Note: Brisk prefers silence, often wished Cobalt to be mute instead of he cause he had lost the voice transmitter before and it was very agonizing for him to deal with Cobalt's bantering all day long, especially with his pervy shenanigans.
Side Note2: He has two cocks instead of one (If you're planning to get all smutty)

Base by MPLbasemaker33 
Glare Baring Evil
This is an old art, I refined it and it turned out better than I thought it be.
Left is Ashiya Fireheart; my embrie phoenix OC. The innocent naïve optimistic goddess can also be dark and scary
Right is Kashiya Blackheart; my draconian OC; both evil and good but very very chaotic if you rile up her scales the wrong way


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